Tuesday, November 12, 2013



I have no idea why am I here, like seriously.
YAYAYA, SPM started a week ago.
Sejarah tomorrow /roll eyes
I have no idea what am I doing right now, I woke at 11AM today
and now, I haven't touch any books yet............HURRRRL
I am so lazy, I left 3 chapters to revise (probably just a scan through)
and loads of past year questions for me to answer -__________-

say goodbye to Sejarah, we actually have paper 3 on thursday LOL but whatever
that's just an open book test, which I don't think its easy like what our school tested us for midterms and trials although I scored 100% for both, PAPER 3 ONLY. wtf.
As you can see from my blog title, ya SPM is 21 days left to freedom
Actually if you don't count Chinese in, its only 15days left.
Well I think after Biology paper 3, I had probably celebrating for freedom (although it's not, i don't care) and chill until midnight with dramas or whatever shits LOL
After tomorrow, uhmm..a bit relax tho? because Maths (I think I can handle it?), Moral (just memorizing) and Add Maths (still okay la).
Actually throughout SPM, I think I have the most worries on Biology, next is Physics then Sejarah, fml.

WELL.......I think I will be back to blogging after SPM, probably Imma create a new blog or whatever.
Because I realized that my past life was a fool.
2014, New Year, a Brand new beginning (like real this time)
Gonna meet new friends and new life. T___T tbh i can't wait
LOL talking bout 'graduation' in my high school which was 2 weeks ago, none of us cried, or maybe yes but i don't realized
because it's like...don't even have the feel of graduating, just people talking photos around and of course I had like some super comedic photos HAHAHAHHAA
enough of slacking, back to study.


Monday, October 7, 2013

100 days


I always tried to blog but I don't have inspiration of writing any,because I AM LAZY.
There are times when I try to think why did I stop blogging these days,
hmmm...and I found out why
Maybe it's because I had already wrote everything on Twitter so I had stop blogging.
Well, I think, I have no more readers these days because I only blog once a month right now.
Forgive me please.

SPM is just a month to go, coughcoughcough.
Freedom is less than 2 months to go. WHEEEEE.
I haven't plan what to do yet, first of all, what I need to do is attend driving classes & stuffs.
Then, hang out with friends till January. LOL
I am considering of taking January intake so I don't have much to time slack around and play T_T

Ok I promise, after SPM I will update about my Korea trip which is....february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october.....approximately 9 or 10 months ago.
Blame this pixie thing la, I don't have anymore space to upload my pics here and I have to upload them to flickr or photobucket and transfer them to this blog ....UGGGHHHH!!!!

I am already a seventeen teenager a week ago. YES, my birthday is last week.
Any presents? *puppy eyes*
Well, as they said, seventeen means nothing lol so whatever.
Well, rosabella, cheah sumin and bruhwey came over last Sunday and slept over at my house
We had a long night chat and we only slept an hour then school next day.
I skipped school because I ate a lot on Sunday's night dinner, stupid buffet and stupid foods.

WOW, i think im crapping.

Alright, Imma get some motivations and get my ass on the chair to study.
me hate everything

BTW, its 100 days to 2014
correct me if i am wrong because i saw someone else wrote it at somewhere else.

Monday, August 26, 2013

move on

The numbers are getting smaller and smaller,
what have I done?
I asked myself.
I have no idea.
So, SPM 2013 TRIALS is officially starting tomorrow.
I am still wandering.
I am so lost.

I hate being myself.
I hate being guilty.
I hate everything in life.
When the darkness comes,
I find out that life is so not good.
Life is awful.
Life is horrible.
Life is terrible.

Let's just live like an asshole.
I am going to flip through my book and make sure myself not to feel guilty.


Monday, July 8, 2013

never stops.

It's already the 8th day of July...
Never knew I have came so far since 2013 started

4 months left,
SPM is here and I am gonna end my secondary school life :(
I didn't want to know how much I am gonna miss life like this
Without worryings and just live and laugh everyday
I cannot imagine the days when I am without all of my friends
I feel like, no one could replace them, especially my horse milkers
We have gone through so much, for 4 years and still counting
The tough and the sweet moment
The moment when we hate and love each other
They are too much to me
They meant a lot in my life

Whatever is it, whoever we gonna be
We are still one in our heart
As days gaining, people starting to get busy with trials and exams
Our relationship didn't went any shallower but it's getting deeper and deeper day by day
Spent too much days and nights with them, they are everything in my life
Sometimes I hate them so much and yet I love them so much at the same time
Friendship never ends.
I love all of you, my dear horse milkers.
Lets continue milking till the end of our life :3

Saturday, June 8, 2013

TVXQ! Catch Me Live World Tour in KUALA LUMPUR

18th May 2013,

TVXQ! finally landed in Malaysia once again after 6 years.
They say Cassiopeias are the masters of waiting, but Malaysia's Cassiopeias are more to the 'masters of waiting'.
Malaysia's fans have been waiting them to land their footstep once again in Malaysia.
One of the happiest day in my life.

I have been a fan girl of them since 3 years ago, and I wanted to meet them so badly :'( and finally, the day had arrived.
Till today, I can never believe I had already met my bias in real life, Shim Changmin.
He is perfection.
LOL let's continue with the happenings during the concert.
I did not take many pictures, I did brought my camera along but I was so messy and nervous and I just simply used my ipod to take the photos of the concert, so I don't have any good pictures nor fancam :( im sho sad. ok whatever.

Once I get in the stadium, I was so late because as I saw I am the last one who get seated in my row, chatted with Cassies who are sitting beside me, they came from Indonesia :) and their bias is changmin lol
Finally I met a changmin fan in real life, because fans i know in real life are mostly yunho's fans.
So we keep babbling about changmin's stuffs and etc lol chatted about 10 or 15minutes, lights off (as i got into the stadium around 545pm)
The opening is so breathtaking, I was so nervous to see shim changmin and jung yunho appear right infront of me.
Once I got into the stadium I look at the stage and I am like 'omg so near' but sadly couldn't see their faces clear.
I did not pay 100% attention at the VCR because I am really nervous and excited and that VCR is like so .......long =______=
Then finally, the platform(idk whats that call) rises up and the screen on the main stage started to appear things and something went down to the stage, I asked the fan beside me 'where are they??!'
then she pointed at the stage, then i saw boxes opened (omg i just dk how to explain, do mind me).....
but he looks so strange and unfamiliar to me, I am like 'it looks like i don't know this guy' lol his face expression is so cool.....

Ok actually since Seoul concert started, can say like I had already watched all the fancams of the Seoul, hong Kong and Beijing's one. like every song and idk how mnay times i repeated. So actually i already knew whats happening next, maybe you might say 'cheh no surprise' BUT WHO KNOWS THEY WILL COME TO MEET ME THIS PITY FAN GIRL? LOL, if i knew i wouldn't have watch and couldn't blame me because that was like half a year ago.

Rising Sun...............................is the first song..ok what appeared in my mind is just 'listened this song for so many times, watched the video for so many time, so finally, live infront of me'
AHHHH, i have this symptom again. i couldn't exactly remembered what happened during the concert, as i mentioned before i have something like short term memory during the concert the reasons are i am unfamiliar with the artists and their songs. but hey man, this is tvxq. i should be 101% familiar to them but its just so unbelievable and i just remembered every action that shim changmin did and i just lmfao in my heart.

but the thing i hate is when they came to the sub stage, yes the sub stage is near but i couldn't see them because people sitting infront of me is blocking me and im like 'tvxq, can u not stand so near? i cant see u' and i have to leave my butt from the chair to look at them ugh.
but what i can say is i didn't really look at the big screens beside unlesss i want to see their faces lol because i wanted to focus more on their dance and movement and whole body.
Paying attention is it whether shim changmin is like what they say x100000 better in real life, but disappointingly, for me is NO. WHUTTT????!!!!!!!
I was so excited like 'omg cannot wait to see the better looking shim changmin' but i don't find him any better in real life HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Ok maybe I am too used to his handsome face and I pay like too much attention on him like everyday thats why i dont find him any different.
But what i can say is, jung yunho is completely different. I don't really find him looking nice or very handsome in the pictures (for me, sorry yunho's fans dont punch me please T_T) but IN REAL LIFE, OMG HES GODDESS, hes so freaking good looking in real life okay T__________T my apology to jung leader.
But after the concert, i look back at the pictures i don't find him any handsome again LOL. hes so handsome in real life, ottokae??!!!

ok stop babbling about all these. and the next song is Getaway. HAHAHA i noticed one thing of changmin, lmao when they wanted to stand on the raise up thinggy, he couldn't open the bar. and he used so long to opened it, i was expecting him to 'crawl' in because i saw pics from weibo, he did that in beijing. but sadly no T_T ok when he wanted to get out, he couldn't open the bar again hahaha my mind is all 'OMG FAILED SHIM CHANGMIN FAILED' ok i am sure that is shim changmin, hes too well known to me :P

O JUNG BAN HAP. omg fav song, i love the choreo so much as i can say its the best choreo. Jung yunho dances so well ;_____; changmin dances abit aggressive as i saw his clothes are like bursting lmao.

Before HEY! Don't Bring Me Down was KYHD's intro which yunho and changmin has their solo dance part. And we shouted "jung yunho" and "shim changmin"'s name. that moment, i feel so happy and proud at the same time because i can shout my oppars' name infront of them loudly like they heard it T___T my fandom, my pride.
Yunho shouted cooly saying "NAMA SAYA YUNHO" and says its been a long time since they meet us ;A;
Changmin just shyly 'hehehe apa khabar hehehe saya changmin hehe' lol wth shimchangminshfafjalfa says malaysia's weather is hot ( i knew it ok 101% hes gonna say it) but he says the hotness inside the stadium is incomparable. and he feels so sorry to us for making us waiting so long for them, he hope we didn't waste our 6 years while waiting for them and etc omg forgot, i just knew whenever he speak he just apologize i hate u >_>

During Journey, omg most epic part hahahaha
Yunho's plane was stucking in the middle of no where and changmin landed, he look at yunho and put his arms up like wanting to catch yunho when he jumped down but then he walk away and laugh so yunho's face was abit embarrass and he jumped down all the way from the mini plane omg. so cool ;A;

Changmin's solo, his vocals is daeeeeeeeeeeeeebaaaaaaaak almost cried while hes singing.
Then during the ending, hes laughing for idk what reason but i saw fans said because of he saw some of the fanboard that the fan made and put his hilarious pictures on it. then, i saw him talking, ok more to mumbling and pointing here and there. TWICE. im so curious who is he talking to???!!!!
Saw Changmin coughing while performing just makes me so heartaching, last 2 weeks he was in japan's tour and coughing really badly as what bigeasts wrote :/ omg

Yunho's solo, Honey Funny Bunny which made the whole stadium crazy and the most awaiting and exciting performance especially for yunho's fans. but what makes me most lmfao and speechless at the same time is he did the 'bowling strike pose of jung yunho' during the dance LOL because changmin mentioned it before on Strong heart so i knew it. Once i saw he did that i am like 'awwwwwwwwwwwww'  :33 my honey funny bunny is jungyunho<33333

during purple line, we have this 'purple project' which is waving the purple glow stick instead of the red lightstick. I don't see loads of purple glow stick but i saw korean news wrote that we succeed and i saw the pic and its so beautiful omg.

During the second talk, we did "WE ARE T" haha when yunho said "we are" we shouted "T", hes so shock 'i am so shock that you all knew this', i think we did 4 or 5 times /shouting happily HAHAHA
Changmin apologizes again, but he says our passionate makes him feels like 6 years is nothing.

VCR before Unforgettable, made the whole stadium cried :'( I didn't really dare to cry because its quite embarassing although i knew a lot of the fans cried? blames that VCR. In the darkness i realized yunho and changmin is actually standing there and watch it with us as well but its so dark i didnt want to put so much attention to look at them so i watched the vcr lol. after the vcr, both of them high fived and knocked each other's shoulders. shipping homin hardly, best brothers T_T
We held the banner which is one of our fan project written "우리는 항상 여기에 있어요" which is "we will always here be with you" and shouting "Dong Bang Shin Ki" all the way.
Yunho said "thank you malaysia" and gave us thumbs up /sobbing hardly as a fangirl. that moment is so heart breaking.
After the song, it was encore but they pretend to leave. Yunho said "aku cinta padamu" (if i am not mistaken because i dont remember when he said that), changmin said thank you and they bowed.
They went to the backstage by holding on each others' shoulder and whispering to each other ears. how i can not...

While waiting for the encore, the whole stadium sang "I SWEAR" lyrics written by Changmin to the fans, ok we just sang the chorus and you know the lyrics is just so T___T
Mirotic, and the fanchant is just too daebak omg even news reporter praises us lol
Hi Ya Ya, changmin poured water on himself and fooling around as usual hes so funny and cute and everything perfect
Summer Dream, he did gwiyomi twice lmao i just couldn't believe and i saw twice with my own naked eyes!!! hahahaa
Sky, yunho did back flip. I was so sad because i thought i didn't saw it but then i watched back the fancams and i did, its the time when he said 'u-know time' and he just did it T___T cries my tears out.
and the last song, I'll be there :(((((((

After that, they played I Swear instrumental. omg what is this its so sad.
They bowed to us, omg yes to me, infront of me, 90 degree bow.
Yunho say he hope to see us on the next concert or what omg i forgot and he "promise?" we 'yess' and he showed his pinky 'promise?' all of us reply it with our pinky as well 'yessssssss', can you don't :(

Yunho said 'but one thing, changmin has something to tell you all' my heart beat stopped for 2 seconds and panicked, its like someone is trying to confess to you? haha
then he pulled changmin to the middle of the stage, changmin just smiling shyly and apologizes again /slaps
he said 'thank you for waiting the both unperfect us' and he said 'saya sayang awak(?)' with tone like this LOL.

Yunho asked us are we with tvxq, and will we be with them OMG OF COURSE JUNGYUNHO
"This is TVXQ Thank You" in korean, my heart just broke into 2 pieces. because i have watched the hk ending as well and everytime when they say this, don't you feel its heart breaking??!!!! :'(
Before they went to the backstage, yunho said again 'will comeback for concert next year!' omg you better come jungyunho
and changmin said 'next time will come earlier' me: "if your schedule allows you /judging you with my palm face"

and i realized one thing, i was damn calm during the concert and quiet except for shouting the fanchants and waving at changmin. CHANGMIN RISES UP FOR SO MANY TIMES AND HE JUST WAVED ONCE AT ME /punches
haha so surprising that im so quiet just sitting there holding my lightstick and watch the whole concert lol
changmin doesn't really waves at the fans at first but when it comes to the end, hes starting to be more and more dorky and making alot of funny faces
such as hand sign love, and he even put both of his hands above the eyes making the action like looking at his fans hahaha
but he loves to hit the dancers i realized, idk why lol sho cute.

idk but fans said changmin actually teared when he apologizes to us but not sure when lol
idk if shim changmin gives his tears out????????? as we know, what kind of person he is hahaha
After the concert, we stayed in the stadium for quite a long time until all the fans leave and we only leave.
Then outside, we saw their cars omg those fans standing there and shout.
Till I saw their cars left, I was still standing there looking at the roads with a sad face and sad heart and sad mind.

It's even surprising after the concert a friend asks me 'so, hows it?' and i answered 'ok lo.' omg till now i couldnt believe i just answered OK LO.....ok because that time i was actually sobbing and tears in my eyes.
but that concert is actually too much words for it i don't even know how to describe maybe ok lo is everything T_T sobsob

JUNG YUNHO!!!!!!!!


I dont know how many times I have shouted for "Dong Bang Shin Ki"
I don't know how many seconds I have hold my breath
I don't know how long I have waited
I don't know how many energy I have used
all I know is, everything is so worth. Worth for my life.
Jung Yunho, the leader who always gives the best to us, who talk things nice and sweet.
Shim Changmin, as always, don't really show his sides to us, but we knew that you love us.

Thank You MTFS for the goods and those awesome projects that they planned.
and lastly, thank you to all the fans who attended the concert and we made it once again together with TVXQ! The return of the kings.

"malaysia's history begins right now" -jung yunho

Some of you might say, 'crazy girls, they are just normal humans and why you worship them so much'
I don't know if i say this and you will believe, but they are everything to me in my life.
My life supporter. TVXQ! is forever & ever.
 It has already been 3 weeks, sometimes when I thought of the concert I will be super emo, ok to be frank, after the concert i was emo for 3 days? seriously no joke.
Not only me but the other fans as well, we even joke and say 'after seeing tvxq we should be happy but now everyone is so emoshinki'
Whenever I watched Unforgettable fancam and the ending fancam i just :(((
heard that tvxq is coming back again before 2013 ends and hopefully
I WANT TO WATCH ANOTHER CATCH ME CONCERT. I am still waiting for other countries' announcement,
LA's ticket just launched yesterday but LA is too far for me...so...fine...
and thats all for my fan girl life.

and lastly, when the concert ends.

p/s: i finally have guts to write this post, because its very heart aching while writing it. after 3 weeks, lol. my heart is still aching.
Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin just left me like that :( move on Megan,....
I am not the first fan of TVXQ but I promise i will stay with you till the end.

i was drown in the red ocean once again, 

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Malaysians heart die,


Our leaders did not, so why do we.
Lets wait for another 5 years, and change.
I still love my own nation, the place where I was born, Malaysia.

I am a true Malaysian, I belong to Malaysia

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


wait i think i am too late to blog about this

Yes my country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok seriously, I don't really feel THAT excited YET.
Because since January 2013, from all those hints that different people gave, I already knew that TVXQ is coming ;A; just need a more confirm answer and the organizer just announce in 2 weeks ago, OFFICIALLY.
Went to the pre-launch at Sg Wang which was last Saturday.

And this is the poster for Kuala Lumpur :)
Surprisingly, official TVXQ! Facebook posted about this.
But, Malaysia is the fourth stop. Seoul > Hong Kong > China > Kuala Lumpur
and they did not post about the last 2 stops one hahahahha.
China's concert is on next Saturday!

this is massive crazy because TVXQ! is finally back to Malaysia after 6 years.
It's S I X omg.
hmmmmm, but i feel one thing lol. Realized that all of the cassiopeias are around 20+ but
tell you secretly, omg i feel so young when i am at the pre launch looool
But I have never met a cassie friend which is the same age as me besides michelle cheah >_>

no more complaining like 'wa so many kpops coming but none are my favourites' 'when is tvxq coming sobs' and whatever bitchy thing
AND .....heard that JYJ is coming as well.
AND.........tvxq will be back again after this concert for some joint concerts i think.......well well well........

I went there at 6:30AM. Once I woke up , I was shivering the whole morning and stomachache because of nervous. I can't even sleep the night before because I was nervous and worried, although I had already decided which ticket price to go. .........but still.......worry.

wanted to steal them home..................T__________T
Met a friend, her name is Lyne and she's really a nice friend :) She shared her seeing-tvxq-experiences with us.
She said she will meet tvxq at least 3 times a year. OTL. i am only gonna see them ONCE for now lol ok (future tense)
So happy that I met Lea as well hahahah because i went to the front to took the number and then i saw her i was standing there and shes like "MEGAAAAAAAAAN" omg ;______; glad that she recognizes me hahahaha
I saw some of my tlist as well, hmmm. not bad not bad. because most of my tlists are cassiopeias.

But i feel like time is flying while chatting with Lyne, hahahahahahaha. Didn't even realized that the time is already 12pm when we were at level 6 queuing to the counters.

But JPM really has a well organization, I bought my tickets within half an hour to 45 minutes once the launch started I think :)
It isn't really that crowded shit like during the pre launch for jyj's =_=
I bought myself a numbered seated as well HAHAH it's the 14th row from the stage and it's centre!!
omg people who are sititng infront me are the premiums one which is RM888. massive crazy.
have thought of buying that as well but...........sigh im just a student ;_; so i ended up with RM588.

Too bad michelle's seat isn't right beside me. :'( she bought it later than me.......
ok i wish to swipe seat with the fan beside her so i can sit together with her although she's a row back than me. lol but, people, my seat is more infront than yours so do you mind changing it with me ;p

In my life, I have only went to pre-launch twice. but tbh, jyj's pre launch is more tiring and frustrating.
And two numbered seated concerts/events also for tvxq and jyj. hahaha this makes it so precious.......
Ok well, look at big bang's ticket. yeaahhh under the rain...........

OK 2 MORE MONTHS TO GO. I still don't believe that TVXQ is exist in real life O_O
I hope I won't forget anything in the concert, because all the concerts/events that I went
OH and yes TVXQ!'s concert is the first concert that I know all of their songs hahahaa
because everytime i went to the events i only know like 1 or 2 of their songs, but big bang's one of course is more la because i heard their songs.
then the whole concert i m like '....' looking at them........................
T_________________________T my tears can form a han river right now.

I have been waiting for you for 3 years. 3 FREAKING YEARS. AND ITS FINALLY HAPPENING.
LOL I waited 3 and others waited for 6.
Wish I attended their past concerts as well.......... :'( ok better than nothing hahaha
and now Im thinking of what time should I reach during the concert day because I want to grab some official goods as well................

p/s: idk if shim changmin is exist
pp/s: they said shim changmin is x1000000000000 better in real life
ppp/s: i might die during the opening

I seriously watched all the fancams for the whole concert, yeah, one word, no more surprise

I think I am over fangirling here HAHAHHAA

OK jung yunho and shim changmin see you two nice guys in 2 months time <3 my loves.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

to the lost-self

Seriously not being a good owner of my blog, I.have.lost.my.passions.in.blogging.
Don't really know where to start.............siggghhh
maybe I should talk about my life, my depressing life. Ok not really depressing lol.
the 21st day of 2013, uhmmmm.....doing anything great in these 23 days? i guess not.
As usual, I am still slacking and slacking everyday.
Checking twitter every minute, take a 2 hours nap every afternoon.
AS I PROMISED MYSELF TRY NOT TO TAKE NAPS, because it's wasting so much of the time.
I did that on the first few days of school but then, I am so lost.......................
Depressing enough, I am lost. I lost my passions for everything.
Not even sure what I want to be in the future, uhmmm...I can't really say that.

I actually have an ambition since N years ago, but nowadays I have doubts on it.
Is that the thing that I really want? Yes, I can say that without any doubts.
But I am getting more and more discouraging and advises like 'No. It's tough' & blahs.
Ok lah, let me share with you. LOL.
I am planning to take medicine course and be a doctor in the future.
SEE?! That's why.
Although I am not those smart people who score like hundreds of As, but there's nothing say that not-that-smart people can't do well in the future right?
Everything depends on yourself, visited IMU couple of weeks ago.
What those medicines students told me "You must have the passion and work hard"
Yes. The passion. For that one-and-only-day, I feel so aggressive but ended up I did nothing /bangs wall hardly/

As a high school student, questions that are often asked by the adults around you "What do you wanna be?" or "What do you wanna study?" hmmmmmmmmm
Mostly people will say "wah good, be a doctor but very tough" OK LOL
This is what I dislike to listen the most .________________________________.
Then people will continue "dentist la, dentist is good, has a stable life and earns a lot"
I have thought of it before "Medicine vs Dentistry" WHICH?
Since both also take 5 years and 2 years of housemanships.
But after I attended that career talk about dentistry and I am 99% confirm not taking dentistry because I have like 0.1% interest in it.
I am still not sure, lol. Maybe will take dentistry in the future, ok nobody knows.
and people started to tell me again "Don't think too much, do well in your SPM first."
What's wrong of me thinking and concern about my future?
That is my only motivation to study well seriously.

But I am still lost.....................................................................

My dad actually strongly disagree and discourage me to take medicine but..........ok lah. he says it's tough and I am not suitable for those kind of job because he thinks I am a little princess. duh. Never try never know.
He wants me to take business and be a rich businesswoman lol. no.
Dislike business and economics thinggy, and hates accounts the most. LOL nearly failed KH because of the accounts like seriously.
Why do I even choose a course that I am weak in?
Ya, probably most of you will say "you also never try how would you know you dislike and you will fail your degree or your course if you take business?"
ermm....I would say "because I don't even have interest in it then why should I?"

Don't wanna be one of those kid "I don't even like and don't even want to take this course but my parents want me to, so what can I do?"
Not saying that they are bad, but why can't the parents just let us choose the things that we like?
Ya, maybe parents thought about my future, maybe those courses they want us to study are good for us, have a good future and most probably also is the income. ................
Be a doctor won't starve to death ok, just I can't have luxury life with loads of bungalows and branded cars and branded stuffs. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuh (just marry a rich husband la if you want so LOL) k just kidding.
and I don't wanna be one of those kid who blame my parents because of choosing those unwanting courses and fail my course and degree.
But I have actually thought of studying business before because my dad offers me say that I can study in Australia if I study business, because he knows I like Australia. so unfair one.

If I >>>>> medicine, means no studying overseas, even though if my parents could afford for my fees but what about my brother? (Ask him to study well and take scholarship) lol ok im greedy sorry.
Even thought of studying Law, wah, I have so many thoughts one.
Blames the HK drama, turning my life so dramatic. k just kidding x2
The possibility of studying Law is very very low because they told me you can't cari makan one. lulzX2.
But being a doctor has a great responsibility, I might even kill a patient.
FYI, I have serious serious dilemma that my friends would even laugh at me.
But which doctor haven't kill a patient before? LOL. Not killing them directly, but the 'kill' which means can't save them la.

Even thought of DON'T STUDY ANYTHING, I just want an easy life.
Slacking at home, watching TV and sleep. Wah, greatest ambition.
Being a housewife is tough also, might not qualify also lol.
Don't even know why do I have so much thoughts and worries on this and that.
Like my friends, "what do you wanna be?" "don't know yet. after SPM first lah"
but tell you secretly, I am bored of hearing those things. and I will give like "WHY STILL HAVEN'T THINK ONE? YOU THINK YOU HAVE A LOT OF TIME AH" lol do mind me.
Not saying that they are not concern about their future, but things that they are currently concern about is only SPM.
ERRRRRRRRRR, I have a planned everything already after SPM if my parents agree and approves. HAHAHA. Not about travelling and what lah, is about studies :$
and everytime i tell people "i am so lost. don't know what to do" and so please don't tell me like 'AIYAR, STILL GOT SO LONG TO THINK AFTER SPM'.....

But still prefer to be a healthcare professional, Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist (I sucks at chemistry, probably not lol), Nutritionist, Nurse (?). LOL IDK. Psychologist seem not bad huh.
But I actually prefer psychiatry more because I like more gila people.

OK, ANYHOW, my parents say they will look at my SPM results and only approve my ambition.
Meh. Choose an ambition also needs to be approve by parents. Ok not approve but encourage. LOL.
Hoping everyone to do their best in the future and have a bright future and be a better person and a useful person for the masyarakat.
Memberikan sumbangan kepada masyarkat and membangunkan nama Negara
sorry sound a bit like Moral


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It's the 7th day of school.
I am totally.......e..x..h..a..u..s..t..e..d......
compared my life to form 4, it's totally different.
LOL why am I speaking exaggerating again.
it's not really different, but I think I changed....
I complete the homeworks on that day immediately.
but one thing different is, freaking many homeworks -.-
but compare to last year, it looks like the same...
or maybe I just left school life for 2 months so I am still not used to it.
OK la, another thing different is .... i started to study like everyday.
calm bro, it's only January.
Giving excuses to myself like 'aiyar school just started, do from a little to little'
so I just did really little little studies. LOL
since it's the second week and I should increase i think...hmmmm..

because there are still homeworks waiting for me to complete -____-
what is lifeeeeeeeeeeeee

exactly like 1 more month LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
thanks god

mind me please, im blogging craps.
i will continue to blog about my boring life this year lol
2013 is................ohgodz.
k thanks bye

Monday, December 31, 2012

From the past, to the future

2012, a year, sounds long.
But actually it's just passing like 2 months.

I learned a lot of things and tried a lot of new things this year.
I am so absent minded, luuulz.


Enjoyed three k-pop concerts/showcase, meeting 6 kpop groups

Big Bang Samsung Galaxy Alive Concert 2012 in Malaysia
Shouts Awards- VIXX, Nu'Est
2012 Super Asia Showcase - Super Junior-M, Exo-M, BToB

and obviously BIG BANG'S IS THE BEST, and next is Showcase :3
But still quite sad because none of them are my favourite, HOPING TO MEET THEM IN 2013 :)

the future:

and of course it's a SPM year, wishing everyone to score great grades in SPM.
To myself, to be more discipline, self management, good time management.
I did not study during the 2 months holidays /self slaps/
Asking me am I regretting? I think no. or maybe yes in the future.
Because telling myself I will not have any more big holidays next year, so I repeated the same thing everyday during these 2 months HAHAHA.
I started to study today, Physics. It's so boring till I ...............came here and blog.

MEETING TVXQ AND JYJ. hmmmmmmmmmmmphhhhhhhhhh
I have been waiting for YEARS, please don't try to destroy my fangirl dream again.
I am not greedy, just 2 of them LOL
feel like a dumb living in Malaysia, they visited all the countries which I am surrounded by them and they didn't visit here -_- whatever.

SEE............ABSENT MINDED. I blog like super super less this year.
Am I busy or what? Asking myself. I think I lost my passion and I am too lazy. HAHAHA.
Not active anymore. OK LA.
Hope my blog will be active in year 2013

Touching, seeing and eating snow in 40days :3
Ok this is the most awaiting thing, counting since 4 months ago.

absent minded people is going to log off.
Hope to see you in my blog reading my post again in year 2013. hahaha.
good bye :)